Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Week of Book Love CONTEST - Day 3

Maya stone carving at Tulum, Belize
It's Day 3 of the CONTEST celebrating my upcoming debut book, Secrets of the King's Daughter, and we absolutely need a romance day. The book, after all, is billed as a Book of Mormon romance.

In writing "Secrets", I didn't focus on genre as much as including all the elements I wanted in the book. I wanted Karlinah's personal journey, her struggle with faith, some danger and adventure, and a love interest. So, when my publishing team called it a romance, I was a little surprised. Even with all these other elements going on, it does fit the romance formula where something keeps the couple apart but they have a happy-ever-after ending.

One of Princess Karlinah's potential love interests is a stone artisan who gives her a simple lesson in chiseling stone. From the book: 
Karlinah watched them for a moment. "How do I hold it?" she asked Cumroth.
"It will be easier if you let me guide you." He bent over her shoulder from behind and touched his hands to hers. Their cheeks were less than a hand span apart. It sent a shiver through her. She tried to stay steady while Cumroth seemed intent on the task.

For today's question, leave a comment on my author Facebook page or blog about your first crush--how old were you, did they like you back, did your crushes change every other week, etc. It's okay to go back and answer a previous day's question that you missed until the end of the contest.
CONTEST RULES: Each day February 15-20 you will have the opportunity to learn something new about my book and enter to win a signed copy. Simply visit and "Like" my Author Facebook Page and leave a comment there or on my blog that answers the question of the day. Sharing this post is optional but appreciated. One comment per question will go into the drawing for the prize. That's a total of six opportunities to enter to win!

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